Harriet (DVD-Box (für DVD oder CD/CD-ROM))

Regie: Kasi Lemmons, Schauspieler: Cythia Erivo/Leslie Odom/Janelle Monae u a, USA 2019, FSK ab 12, DVD-Video, Dt/engl, UT: Dt
ISBN/EAN: 5053083208905
Sprache: Deutsch
Umfang: 120 Min.
Einband: DVD-Box (für DVD oder CD/CD-ROM)
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He let her slip away once . . .Detective Fiona Reed lives a life far from the privilege of her family's vast media empire. But forging her own path came at a cost, and an invitation to her family's estate in the Hamptons is just the thing to help Fiona heal from her emotionally draining job. When sensual Leo Starks returns to her life, he's no longer an intern, but now a brilliant lawyer who reawakens her deepest desires.Ever since his fling with Fiona, Leo has been secretly in love with the beautiful officer of the law. Yet he can't let his feelings for her wreak havoc with the job he's been hired to do. But when a shocking revelation threatens to engulf the Meadows clan in scandal, can Leo protect the woman he's determined to fight for?